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We help companies to look for funding for their project or corporate situation, the fund typically comes in the form of either in equity or debt, and hybrid of the both. The funder can range from angel investor, venture capitalist, private equity funder, investment banker, family office, distress asset investor, private investor and crowdfunder. While we are an independent investment company, the cases we receive is highly non-standardised, which result in each case is deal-by-deal basis. We are happy to discuss and advise on the transnational details to make things happen, or closing the deal successfully.

Let's face it, all business ideas start from scratches, that is the very beginning of each entrepreneur. Plenty of entreprenurs succeeds, we all see the glorious moments they own in front of beautiful screen and in social media, but few of us have asked or noticed the fallen entrepreneurs and also the ups and downs that each successful entrepreneur has gone though before they have reached where they are. A common mistake made by entrepreneurs is they over romanticise the dream they have in their minds, while leaving the numbers in ambiguity. A good practice for all entrepreneurs is if you cannot have a clear forecasted numbers in your mind, do not start just yet, there might be something else you have missed out. We are listeners to entrepreneurs as it is a nice time listening to other people's beautiful visions, we are here to assist to build up your case, adding flavour of suggestion and help seeking funding for you, on the seed level. 

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A), in simpler term is the buying and selling of a company. however, M&A involves a lengthy process from matching buyer and seller interest to due diligence and also post merger integration. We focus very strongly on M&A and we facilitate for both buy-side and sell-side. For sell-side, we act for the sellers to exit their company at their desired price, whereas for buy-side, we assist buyers' strategy of expansion of their business by indendifing the right target company, where the M&A settings can take place in domestic or cross-boarder.

Pre-IPO investment is usually a good entry time for a company that is planning to go for IPO in the near future. We search for the quality and promising company in pre-IPO stage for private investors to get on-board just in time before the IPO valuation begins, by that the investors stand a good chance to either make short-term gain or long-term gain.

Land and real property is a classic funding subject that stands through the test of time, only because land and real property is limited or scarce. Therefore, a strategic piece of land or profitable real property generally has good demand from the lenders. Similar to financial institutions, funder or lender will secure the financing by holding the land or real property as lien, or collateral as a protection to the lender. hence, apart from the ability to repay the debt, the value of the real property itself will play a vital role to impress the financier to approve the lending. 

Trade financing is such a good financial invention for business traders either from buy-side or sell-side. The funder can help both sides to solve their issues they are facing, but with a little price to pay. for instance, from sell-side point of view, generally they will face the time cost arising from its debtors to make payment, trade financier will come into the picture by settling the payment at once, at, however a discounted price, in exchange of timely payment. Trade financing is beneficial for both sides as the debtors will have more time and better cashflow whereas the sellers will also better cashflow and lesser risk of bad debts although at a discounted income. 

Only for public listed companies, it is also known as the pledged shares financing, it is only provided for public listed companies as their shares are more liquid or easier to trade than the private company. The borrower of shareholders would need to pledge their shares as collateral to the lender, in return the shareholders would receive their funds of borrowing. Often times, It will take place on off-shore basis as it gives more financial flexibilities than on-shore.