Understand that money is not the root of all evil if you can put

Most Wanted

Money in Greater Use


funding the right projects

Stack of Tires

Project Pyrolysis


Industrial - waste-to-energy

A group of passionate

scientists who dedicated their research in waste-to-energy, they are able to turn tyre waste and plastic into energy oil

that is reusable. they already gotten LOI from several major industrial companies, now seeking to raise funding for factory and facility building.

Deal Value:

$ 10m



Merging and Acquiring the right comapany

Wood Furniture

Project Woodcraft


Manufacturing - 

Furniture Design & Making

proftiable Malaysia based furniture design and making company, it has extensive portfolio of completed projects, it is looking for complete, majority or minority stake sale of the company to seek for strategic

acquirer to expand its business.   

Deal Value:

$ 5m