What are we?

Marshall Freeman is a boutique investment company that is private and independent, it is incorporated under the laws of Malaysia since 2016 and regulated under Labuan Financial

Services AuthorityWe are well-known as an investment broker that provides niche financial services such as funding search, new venture creationmergers & acquisitions, Pre-IPO Intermediation along with secured lending for land & real property, Trade Financing and stock loan & block Tradein which the funding structure is on company and international business level.

How do we do this?
Conference Room

Meeting people

cliché as it sounds, but it's quite true. Meeting people has far better efficiency than electronic way, because the physical presence is strong, It is almost like a job interview, it gives the information about whether a deal is genuine, commitment of the messenger and so forth. On top of all these, words of mouth is still the most powerful marketing so far. 

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Open to new knowledge

The world keeps changing and constantly needs us to keep up, that also means plenty of new ideas need funding because no matter how great or fancy an inspiration can be, it needs money to finance that dream in order to keep the project up and running. But first, we have to be open-minded to embrace the new knowledge or possibilities, then everything begins thereon.  

Analysing the Data


Active listening is underplayed in among the most people, in here we emphasise on understanding what clients are trying to archive in their agenda, all parties involved have to be clear and open in the beginning to avoid miscommunication and misunderstanding that later may jeopardise the entire negotiation. 

Why do we do this?

The idea of investment comes in many forms, perhaps everyone has different interpretations of what investment is. Marshall Freeman

believes simple way is the right way, investment simply means how much money is allocated to certain asset or debt, then how much money is returned by that selected instrument in a period of time, with how much effort is given. 

However, things are not always that straighforward when there is involvement of money. The monetary system that common people know of is common commercial bank and investment bank that provide conventional

services. Marshall Freeman does more than what can be offered by the usual financial institutions.  

In other words, Marshall Freeman serves the non-mainstream business, by negotiating and manoeuvring fund among parties, because There is a niche market for wealth creation through non-standardised investment, that one requires to have knowledge not restricted to finance, but to be versatile.