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Ammunition & Customised Weapon Manufacturing

Deal Value: $ 2.5M   |   Region: Malaysia

Endorsed by Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Defence and Ministry of Home Affairs to conduct defence procurement, that allows the company to trade, customise, produce and manufacture projectile weapon, ammunitions supply to army forces, police forces and other mercenaries not limited to domestic country but also to foreign country. The newly founded company does not......


Sustainable Furniture Design, Making & Thriving

Deal Value: $ 5M   |   Region: Malaysia

A company having 30 over years of experience in crafting furnitures and completed extensive portfolio of projects. However, due to its contractual basis of job, revenue of the company can be not consistent, coupled with facing sustainability question from the modern world, the need for change in its business model has become apparent. It is......


Tyre Waste to Energy

Deal Value: $ 10M   |   Region: Taiwan

A group of passionate scientists who dedicated their research in waste-to-energy particularly in tyre industry, as they have seen too much illegal burning of used tyres that causes hazardous air pollution. With success by numerous trial-and-errors, they are able to turn tyre waste and plastic into reusable energy oil, they quickly gained recognition by major......


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