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All business ideas start from scratch, that is the beginning of each entrepreneur. Plenty of entrepreneurs succeed, we all see the glorious moments they own in the beautiful screen and social media, but few of us have asked or even noticed the fallen entrepreneurs with their ups and downs, also what the successful entrepreneurs have gone through before they have reached where they are.

A common mistake made by entrepreneur is they have over-romanticised the dream they have in their mind, while leaving the operational procedures and numbers in ambiguity. A rule of thumb for all entrepreneurs is if you cannot have a clear forecasted number in your mind, do not start just yet, there might be something else you have missed out in operation or other part. We are listeners to entrepreneurs as it is a nice time listening to people’s beautiful dreams and visions, we are here to be the part of the process, adding suggestion by investment experience and seek funding for you to achieve that dream.

Mergers &

Mergers & Acquisitions in basic explanation is the combination of two or more companies, by acquiring the ordinary shares which are the shares of ownership of the companies. There are many terms and conditions to be set out by the owners of the two or more companies, usually, it is a lengthy process from matching the interests of buyer and seller, to deep due diligence and then post merger integration to be considered as a complete merger and acquisition.

Internationally or domestically, we facilitate for both buy-side and sell-side of merger and acquisition. For sell-side, we represent for the owners to exit their company at the desired price, whereas for buy-side, we execute the purchaser’s strategy to support their business plan by identifying the right target company.


Trade financing is a financial contract for trading business between the supplier, purchaser of goods & services and the trade financier. In factoring, it helps the supplier to gain instant fund or cashflow to fulfill its urgent financial obligations whereas it also provides trade financiers opportunity to invest in the trade receivables at negotiated terms and discount.

From purchaser’s perspective, trade financier could come into play by financing the trade. In order to do that, trade financier has to evaluate the purchase order, contract and the deliverables. Which a supply chain of any good and service involves many phases from upstream of sources to downstream of customers, this whole chain of financing for the purchaser is also regarded as supply chain financing.


Pre-IPO investment is a good entry point from the perspective of investor, we consult promising company in pre-IPO qualifying stage for private investor to get on-board just in time before the IPO valuation and application begin. This phenomena happen due to some business owners forgot the potentials of their companies because they are too busy with the business operation, too comfortable with the business environment, or have reached the bottleneck of their traditional business model. This process of assisting a pre-IPO company to IPO is also known as the IPO incubation programme.

First of several great advantages of going IPO is to attract key talents to the company, as well as the shareholders get to enjoy capitalising on the stock market. The stock exchanges we favour are vibrant and liquid markets especially USA’s Stock Exchanges where the shareowners can unlock their equites value maximally.

Listed Shares and

Having a listing status is generally deemed as palatable investment opportunity by investment bankers. Similar mechanism applies, investment banker leverages the secondary market or stock market to raise capital via issuance of new shares or bonds. The corporate action of issuance of new shares and bonds could also potentially increase the liquidity of the financial instrument.

With enough liquidity, shares or bonds holders could have the option to pledge their shares or bonds for financing without needing to sell them off in public market that may trigger public alarm. The borrower shall pledge their shares or bonds as collateral to the lender, in return the shareholders or bondholders would receive their funds. Some financiers would examine only the liquidity while other financiers would assess both the liquidity and quality of that financial instrument.


Everyone needs a place to live in, real estate investment can barely go wrong unless you have picked up the wrong place or at the wrong price. We appreciate and arrange for high value mortgages secured against affluent and developed real estates located in Europe, United Kingdoms, North America, Japan and other luxurious lifestyle real estate markets. There are always passionate real estate investors willing to fund the pledgor of valuable real property owners who plan to do refinancing, real property purchase and development.

Sourcing, Trading
and Supply

By leveraging our network, we provide solution to cater sourcing requests from our clients. We aid to fulfill their supply and procurement requirements by the understood and established relationship with the client all along with their business growth. That relationship is going to pay off in business context, because the advantage of having good clientele is able to access a wide range of commodities and services that could conveniently facilitate trading and supply.


Islamic financing is underrated in today’s world financing because it has been overlooked in the modern society as the result of the financing concept has been dominated by Western financing concept. The Western way focuses mainly on principal and interest whereas the Islamic financing emphasises on money and the meaning behind the money transaction.

Whilst Western financing may be plain and simple to understand, what we have learned up-to-day is it usually leads to pragmatic banking, predatory financing and business dealing. Malaysia has been known as a passionate Islamic financial centre where thousands of Islamic scholars are more than ready to re-illuminate this humanising financing concept that is heavily rooted with Islamic humanity.

Business Advisory
& Escrow Service

After all said and done, there is always bespoke financing that falls out of the norm, being the investment consultant, we seek solution by understanding the financial situation and identifying funding source. For as long as it is legal, funding can come in the form of either in equity or debt, or hybrid of the both. The funder can range from angel investor, venture capitalist, private equity investor, public fund manager, corporate banker, investment banker, family office, individual, corporation, association, crowdfunder and governmental body. Each case we receive is unique in nature, that requires work to be deployed from scratch and structure to be formed, some include conceptualising the idea of business valuation, some may require only matching effort.

Even after a business deal is confirmed, it is just not enough, it takes further to ensure the business transaction will be fairly transferred and delivered to both or more parties involved. Marshall Freeman would serve as the in-house or third-party escrow agent which oversees the entire transaction to make sure each transaction is fulfilled in accordance with the agreed terms and all the business parties to enjoy the business dealing pleasure in the end.

Our approach to the people around us has been the relationship building on trust and growth, we welcome all deal-makers and our attitude is believing it is going to be an eventual successful journey with you, and we believe it with professionalism and business-friendliness.

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